Writing correction Guide (French 3)

Sp = spelling error

Acc = accent mark missing or incorrect

Vb conj = verb conjugated incorrectly

Vb = the verb is missing

Subj = the subject is missing

Art = the article is missing or incorrect

Voc = there is a vocabulary error (ie wrong word used)

Gen = there is a gender error

Sing = the word should be singular

Pl = the word should be plural

Prep = the preposition is missing

Contr = the contraction is incorrect

Pron = the pronoun is incorrect

Word order is incorrect

A word is missing

Cap == there is a capitalization error

Def art = a definite article should be used

Indef art = an indefinite article should be used

Pres = the present tense should be used

FP = the futur proche should be used

PC = the passé composé should be used

PP = the past participle should be used

Aux = the auxiliary verb is missing or incorrect

Imp = the imparfait should be used

Cond = the conditionnel should be used

Fut = the futur should be used

Subjonc = the subjonctif should be used

N = noun

Adv = adverb

Que un = words should be connected

Le = that word does not belong

Subj pron = subject pronoun

Ang = English was used

Part = the partitif should be used